1. J

    Japanese Odometer Check is back

    Only $49 for express checks and $29 for regular checks.
  2. J

    20% reduction on Express ODOMETER check

    Dear Forum Members, We have been checking a lot of JDMs in the past few months, some with genuine kms, but a lot were wound back. If you want to check a car, now is the time: This special lasts for the next 2 days only (finishing Monday). £39 for the Express Check, that is 20% reduction...
  3. sushiming

    I Can't Believe it...

    I was going down london today and was stoped at a triffic light and some black guys in a car next to me ask me to turn down the window and I can't believe what they askd me.................. IS THAT A TYPE R.................Man First Skyline now Type R what part of the Car looks like a Type R...