1. W

    FS: Apexi avcr black edition

    As above few minor scratches nothing bad as you can see from the pictures, loom looks to have been extended at some point, works perfectly and held rock solid boost £250 delivered
  2. R

    Extended Wheel Studs + Spacers - Recommended Brands?

    Hiya folks, Needing a set of extended wheel studs from my fronts as my front wheels are held on by three turns, a whole lot of torque and some fervent praying. Also need a set of 25mm spacers to clear my coils. Was curious if anyone had any recommended brands for studs + spacers? Can get them...
  3. dave_t

    WTB: Wanted: BOV

    For everyday driving i run 'the pigeon mod', but i have booked a track day at Oulton Park for the 4th of October, and for being on high boost for extended periods i think running a BOV would be a good idea. So anyone got a nice aftermarket BOV Forsale? :)
  4. dave_t

    WTB: S15 nismo extended studs (front)

    Im needing some Nismo (to guarantee quality) front extended studs, so i can run slip on spacers. If anyone has a set they havent got round to using, or knows a UK supplier, drop me a pm thanks
  5. W

    s15 extended bumper from main page

    Hi, What bumper is this? Looks very impressive with the extended nose, almost 911 stylee.