1. Hairy Fish Nipples

    FS: 2002 Silvia bits left

    Hi all, Just to give you the heads up, there are pictures of ecvery thing that is left on the S15 on ebay. check: Nissan Silvia S15 2002 JDM IMPORT - Breaking remaining parts (nut) bits which are gone from pictures: Centre console radio surround side skirts spoiler both external looms...
  2. B

    Bobi's 2.2L NITTO STROKER

    Hey all, Im new here, heres my ride ao far :) I bought my s15 on the 1st of Feb 2010 with basic mods - Power fc - Trust intercooler - Blitz Pod Filter - Apexi Avcr - 3" Xforce exhaust with tomei dump pipe - Os giken single plate clutch Power 202rwkw @ 14psi 1/4 mile: 13.2 @ 105mph( i think)...
  3. koullis

    td06s l2 20g

    hi, i have this turbo on my s15 with an aftermarket manifold. turbo uses standard t25/5bolt flanges. i am increasing my boost from 1.1 bar to 1.5 bar and i want to use an external gate. i saw some external adapter plates but do not come in t2/t2 only t2/t3. the other thought was remove the...
  4. G

    All our milage is wrong!!

    my car is fitted with an external speedo/rev counter/milage counter. this is more accurate than the speedo in the dash, i know this as the limiter kicks in at 180kmh on the external speedo while my dash clock goes well passed 180kmh. i found this out months ago but only realised the knock on...
  5. G

    Speedo problems kind of

    hey, does anyone that has an external speedo aswell as the one on the dash notice a difference between them? my car is limited to 180k but the speedo on the dash goes well past the 180 mark before the limiter kicks in. the external speedo i have on the dash reads 179/180/181 when the lim iter...
  6. S

    external waste gate+intercooler question

    ok folks since my turbo trouble i have fitted a part or 2.... i got my hands on hks actuator, a 2nd hand s15 turbo and i also bought a manifold,fmic kit and a screamer pipe off this guy, i just wonderin would a external waste gate go onto my screamer pipe as car sounds like mani is blown when...
  7. Nicely

    FMIC cleaning (external)

    My FMIC is looking a bit of a state on the outside and I'm looking to clean down. Anyone got any wonder products I can use to make the process easier?