1. B

    FS: ** SOLD ** S15 Extreme Tuner 1:12 DIECAST

    I'm selling this brand new S15 Extreme Tuner 1:12 DIECAST model. It lights up internally, front and rear lights. The detail on this model is great. Price: ?40 plus P&P Thanks for looking and please contact me if you have questions. Blinx :)
  2. Nicely

    New S15OC Forum Rules

    A recent thread has prompted us to add some forum rules. Whilst not wanting to appear a dictatorship, we have to acknowledge that the time has come where we need to specify some boundaries as to what's acceptable and what's not. Please read the new rules here. I would like to make it clear...
  3. K

    diff and gear oils

    okey dokey guys need some fast help, im gonna change these oils this weekend, and i need to know what grade i need to be using, i did a search on this site and people mention brands but not grades. Anyone have any insight? i use the car daily on the motorway, i do the occasionaly track...