1. dave_t

    WTB: Drivers Side Window Motor

    My drivers side window has been sticky since i got her, will be stripping it down to clean and lubricate the mechanism but i'd like to throw a new motor in to be on the safe side, rather than strip it down again later if it fails all together (seems to be on its last legs now) does anyone know...
  2. Fruitbooter

    Who runs a De-cat?

    I put my CAT back on the other day for the MOT but now I’m in 2 minds weather to put the de-cat back on as the amount of sneaky VOSA vans and car parks set up in some kind of seizing operation I’ve been sing has increased recently.. There’s loads of crap on the internet with people saying if...
  3. R-Spec

    Replacement aftermarket diffs - same part numbers as S14s?

    As it says...are the aftermarket S14 and S15 diffs mix and match compatible?:thumbs: ...oh and does anyone know how the helical fails if it ever wears out? Do different oils make much difference to the operation? :)