1. J

    Unscrupulous dealer

    A family with a disabled son was looking for a van converted for a wheelchair. They paid the dealer $1000 to source a Nissan Elgrand in Japan. The dealer not only happily takes the 1k 'sourcing fee', but he later presents them with a vehicle that was already landed/in stock ...with wound back...
  2. S

    Hello! I'm from Malaysia

    Hi Everyone! I just got my S15 about a month ago... I'm Steven and I'm from Malaysia :) It's nice to be part of the Nissan Silvia family. I'll upload some pics of my car soon.
  3. G

    FS: Gers 2001 Spec S pearl

    Gers 2001 Spec S pearl**new lower price** i cant believe im doing this but im going travelling later on in the year so need to sell my soul!! what im planning on doing is selling it, use half the money towards my travelling and use the other half to get something like a non turbo 180SX i dont...
  4. Nicely

    JAE - 20-22 July 2007

    At the East of England Showground, Peterborough again. Looking into the merits of a stand, hopefully close to the SXOC stand. Before I do this, I need a FIRM idea of attendance to see if its worthwhile. What I mean is, if you say you will go, you go. No 'couldn't be arsed' on the day(s), or...
  5. P


    hey hey, there strangers, I'm new to this world of S15ery, having been trashing around in the 4 wheel drive rally inspired machines of the rally art family. its now time for a little side way action!!
  6. T

    hi All ,, new to the family.

    Hi guys n gals :wave: , im fresh to the forum, and looking forward to reading and chating with you peeps. Im interested in buying a s14/15 but it be a while yet until i get lots if info and have made my mind up, I presently have a R33 GTR around 600 bhp afw. and planing on keeping her, so the...