1. C

    24 Hr Le Mans 2017

    Anyone planning on going this year? Been the last few years and has always been a fantastic trip. Going to be strange not seeing Audi there this year. It has pretty much been the Audi show for some time now.
  2. F

    Yellow s15 at SVA imports for sale.

    Hi everyone I know I'm new here but you have to start somewhere. im hoping to be an owner of an s15 spec r soon and this one caught my eye. it looks very well priced and in fantastic shape. Almost...
  3. Fruitbooter

    Rear bumper on this S15

    Now this picture below is a photoshop but what I want to know the rear bumper a ps or can you actualy get these? Or does it look like a custom job on the standard non aero one? It looks fantastic sitting like that and the rear bumper just sets it off for me! Im also liking S15's with...
  4. oilman

    Competition time at Opie Oils!

    With Christmas only a few weeks away we've got a fantastic prize lined up for the Opie Oils Christmas Competition. Silverstone Supercar showdown driving thrill PLUS two FIA GT1 race event tickets. Choose from a fantastic line-up of four Supercars to drive. Then, in June, return to...