1. J

    Ecu light and boosting issue?

    hi, sometimes on full boost 1.1bar the Ecu light flashes up and cuts my boost. whilst doing that it backfires alot when not even hitting limiter. then when i come to a stop it just wants to turn off? i dont understand what it can be to only do it sometimes. possible faulty afm maybe?
  2. M

    faulty Door-open warning light

    Hi guys. As of last night, my red door-open light has been lightly flickering whilst I am driving the car. When I open the door, the warning light will come on full, as it should. But when they are closed, I still get a half strength/flickering light. obviously it is a faulty sensor but I don't...
  3. S

    WTB: Coil Pack

    I am looking for a Type R coild pack please as i believe one of mine is faulty.
  4. craig_m

    FS: PS3 games and faulty console

    I now have an xbox360 so i have no need for the PS3 games I also have a faulty PS3 for sale which needs the laser replacing (wont read games) which someone will know how to do that, but i dont have a clue £125 + £13P&P Burnout Paradise £20 Need For Speed Prostreet £20 Ridge Racer 7 £15...
  5. M

    My problem part II

    Hi again, After uncovering my car on a lovely sunny day recently I thought I would go out for a spin in the country with the wind blowing in my face, only to discover that while she had been parked up for the winter the rear n/s window had decided it did not want to work. After changing fuses...
  6. N

    WTB: hazard switch

    just wondering if anyone has a hazard switch handy mine seens to be faulty . anyone????????:wave: