1. YLD15

    New from Queensland, Australia

    Hey everyone, My name is Dan... I am from the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. I have owned previous S-chassis vehicles, but my S15 I currently own is by far my favourite! :) I will post up a build thread now
  2. C

    Another S15 sold!

    Well, after recieving an unexpected offer I simply couldn't refuse, my S15 is going to a new home at the weekend. I've driven some amazing miles in it last year around europe, and it will certainly be missed. I will be back in the scene soon though. Would just like to say thank you to everyone...
  3. subzero

    Post your Favourite pic of your own car .

    just thought id do this for fun and see some cool photography .
  4. B

    Favourite tunes right now?

    As the topic says... What music are you listening to at the moment? :)
  5. K


    Hi, I'm kenjiyuki from nissansilvia.com. Good to see a world wide owners club of my favourite car :) I'm from Perth, Western Australia.