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    Power FC D-jetro or FCON iS?

    Which do u think is the best for S15? PFC D-jetro or HKS Fcon iS? Basicly i'm daily driving my car and sometimes drifting. Will target around 430ps in the future. Which ECU would u guys recommend me? I i'm flying off to aussie tomorrow, so might catch up with u guys 1 week later.
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    Is this useable and what can i sell it for?

    I have this HKS ecu and a fcon navigator, dunno which fcon it is. but the only number i see is FSZ 000621. Its not scratchy on the picture its dust =P And i got this HKS EVC, but not with all the rubber hoses and i think one wire is missing/ lying connected in my car ;P Is it useable or...
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    Manual for HKS fcon and evc

    I bought my car with hks fcon and evc installed. The problem is that i dont know how to use them:annoyed: Im not thinking about mapping the fcon, but to understand the display thingy and why it beeps sometimes. And i would like to know how to use the evc, i think its an 4th gen but im not...