1. L

    My two babys

    I thought it was about time I posted up a couple of pics of my cars. Some of you may have seen my drift car in Banzai or Redline this month as we were lucky enough to get a feature in both mags. Anyhow, here they are, I hope you like. From this, To this And from this, To this,
  2. P

    Jap Mag Feature - Red 500bhp S15 in Japan?

    does anyone have scans of the feature in one of the Jap Mags (can't remember which, either JapanesePerformence or JTuner) on a red S15 that was some drift drivers daily driver car? it had a pretty monster engine but was a street-driven car... I missed it at my local WHS.... it was 2 or 3 months...
  3. sushiming

    S15 Feature........

    Right guys I am gonna try and get together a S15 feature in the near future hopefully mid or end of september so I want to know how many of u will be wanting to attend this so i can get some figures together... Cheers Ming
  4. J

    S15 "Double Dragon" feature

    Stumbled across this via Google: http://www.fastandmodified.com/insidepages/fam_cars.html :thumbs: