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    FS: Replica aero front bumpers

    I have 2x replica aero front bumpers on there way from Japan! they are made from FRP and don't come with any fog light brackets or fixing points!! these are a great cheap alternative to buying a genuine one from Nissan £250 + UK delivery Due here February And a picture of the exact...
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    hello from Germany

    hi my name is Recep i'm 23 years old and i live near cologne. I borned in Germany but my parents are from turkey. I've bought my first car (200sx s13) then i was 20. this year February i begin my Project. i would like to swap s15 engine and other parts. i hope i found here somthing. Greets Ray
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    Any silvias in Cork?

    Hi everybody, any mate from Cork could tell me any activity or nice places to visit around there? my girlfriend is currently living there and i´m gonna visit her in february. If someone wanna meet to know people from the forum it´ll be a pleasure.:) Regards