1. Fruitbooter

    What a/c blower settings do you use?

    Im not sure if its just me but does your windscreen love to mist up slightly when you dont have the blowers going onto the window slightly? It doesnt mist up bad but at night when headlights shine at you, you can see a slight mist but then put the heaters on it and it goes. I normaly have the...
  2. mint

    Heaters stopped working?

    um.. as of now they seem to have stopped working.. Or at least the driver one has. Full heat (4 fan thing) and on the face mode at 32' and not a breathe of air comes out my driver vent.. NEVER done this before. I had it on the one for the feet and window, same at 32 and 4 and my feet were still...
  3. xlr8

    in car cooling controls!!!!!

    in my s15 the mode button on the heating controls is selecting all the different options as so.but,when my hand is held to the windscreen air,it does not stop even if the face or feet option is selected on the controls?any ideas
  4. E

    Aircon at feet on at all times??

    This is on a JDM S15. So, I turned the aircon to 32degrees and heat all around at max fan once. Wasn't long, like 10mins or so. Then today, I noticed hot air blowing at my feet. Not exactly blowing, but my feet was burning. I thought the engine heat is coming through or something. However, I...