1. S15_SAM

    Open Event: Ferrari Track day Castle Combe Thursday 30th October.

    Hey guys. Next week my work is hosting a Ferrari track day at castle combe, be a good day watching the best cars ever made going round combe. Francesco Bali (head of Ferrari north Europe) will be there along with 3 Ferrari factory drivers who will be driving our demo 458 Speciale, California...
  2. S

    My first trackday - pics

    Novice evening @ Brands Hatch Had a good range of cars, best ones were the GT3RS and Ferrari F360 pics below Being chased by a GT3RS... 360 going round Chasing a pack of 3
  3. M

    170mph Stretch Ferrari

    170MPH STRETCH FERRARI 20ft Ferrari available for limo rides The 37 year-old Dan Cawley has modified a 400bhp Ferrari Modena by adding a 9.5ft carbon-fibre middle section. This allows him to fit 8 seats in it and rent it out at ?700 per hour.
  4. S

    Type A

    Yes.... I know it is a model after Ferrari 456 and wannabe ferrari. But I find it looks very nice. It looks very classy even though everyone would say its a small ferrari. As long as its not red and cream leather? :cool: Especially having the front bumper on my car with cooler behind and...
  5. S

    I really think S15 have the best shape.

    How about you? Seriously with no bias please :cool: I think it has the best lines curves and shape in its class. When I say class, sport coupe. Well I even think it looks better than some Ferrari shape. If S15 is as wide as they are, it will look even better. Your thoughts? :D