1. S

    Open Event: Japshow finale Santa pod 12/10/14

    Is the s15oc gojng to japshow finale at Santa pod on the 12th October? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. DeanS15

    Open Event: anyone going to japshow finale at the pod?

    just out of curiosity, i always seem to be the only s15 when i go to events and would like to know if i'll see any others there:D
  3. oilman

    Jap Show Finale Pre-Orders

    Hi all, The Jap Show Finale just around the corner, so once again your friends at Opie Oils are having a one off special offer for this amazing event. Order your Silkolene or Motul for collection then come down and pick it up from the Opie Oils stand at JAP SHOW FINALE (Santa Pod) on Sunday...
  4. kimi


    heres a few pictures i took at pod on sunday
  5. kimi

    santapod jap show finale

    Take a look here just wondered if anyones going from here ? i'll be there :D