1. Jordan

    Well hello there!

    Hi all! Thought I'd introduce myself on here and say hi - had a few issues signing up again thanks to gmail. I was previously registered on here a few years ago but guess my account got deleted in a server migration or something or due to little use. Anyway I'm back, in the market for my first...
  2. DeanS15

    removing side skirts

    hi all, i need to know how to remove the sideskirts without causing any damage to them or the bodywork.... i've removed all the screws and fixings, all thats left is the trim tape and the pop clips that hold them on, but even when i can get my fingers behind the skirt, the wing flexes before...
  3. T

    Help !!!

    When bought my s15 the passenger door handel was broken,and i thought it would not be that hard to buy one for it,but i went into my local nissan dealer today about getting a new one,and they said i would have to buy a whole new door card which would cost 600 Euro :mad:,now its not the one you...
  4. J

    well hello there!

    Hello all, As I am new to the site I thought I should post here and say hi... I'm from the UK, northamptonshire area, and currently do not own an s15 due to a slight issue of having not enough money as yet :p Anyways I am hoping to have one by april next year so fingers crossed! Jordan