1. G

    WTB: Stereo bracket / coilovers

    remove please -
  2. Marcus

    FS: S15 parts for sale!

    Intakebox with new filter - 15€ Fuelpump with new filter - 15€ Brakehoses - 20€ Leather gear lever cover and handbrake coverbag - 15€ All parts are interchangeable to S14/S14a All parts are in good condition and fully functional :) Parts are in Finland, but shipping is not a...
  3. P

    WTB: S15 drivers side headlight

    Looking for drivers side complete headlight, needs to be shipped to Finland.
  4. Nicely

    FS: Toyota Hilux Surf SSR-G V6

    The same one in my signature. Yes, the car is in Finland and Finnish registered. See here:
  5. Marcus

    Gatebil Festival in Mantorp, Sweden 2-4.7.2010

    I promised to write a story of our trip to Gatebil. Well here it comes... :nod: First of all, Gatebil is orginally from Norway and it now has one event in Sweden. This year, it was held in Mantorp racetrack and I can tell you, it was f*cking awesome event. We leaved Finland with my mate, who...
  6. Marcus

    Marcus's Silvia S15 Spec-R

    Hi all! I'm quite new here and just wanna start to write my own project thread of my silvia :) Love this forum, because there is so much infos and tips for me and my silvia. First if anyone is intressed, here is my introduction *Chapter 1 -...
  7. Nicely

    Destination Finland...

    After various setbacks delaying my original plan, the ferry is now booked and the road trip organised. I'll be leaving the UK for good on the 30th September and starting my new life with my Finnish GF in Helsinki! :D I'm taking the Surf packed full of the most important stuff and will take the...
  8. Marcus

    Newbie from Finland

    Hi All! Just like to introduce myself. My name is Marcus and Im from Nokia in Finland. I have been checking this forum few months now and I can't get Silvias out of my mind anymore :smitten: At this point of my life (i'm just 20 years old) I can't afford Silvia Spec-R, but thats the one I'm...