1. A

    FS: Nissan S15 parts

    Having a tidy up so found these bits in the garage. prices include postage to Uk Unless stated. collection also welcome. I am based in Gatwick orange side indicators £12 full radio connection from sensor to back of the stereo most of S15 comes without this £25 rear bin doors I was going to din...
  2. F


    Hi all. Recently sold my S14 and bought a grey S15 Spec S. No doubt I'll have some questions at some point and I'll fire up some photos too. I'm from West Sussex, UK. Ryan
  3. F


    Had a little miss fire last night , just changed plugs so it's not them, what coilpacks woukd you recommend? Split fire seem to be the best if I'm right ,anyone got any links to a cheap set?
  4. Jaydej

    Back fire when cold

    Hey guys I have a strange one! My car the last two time I've driven it the temp as just reached normal and I go on the motor way hit boost and I get a back fire but a repetitive one has my foot is held to the floor and then it just stops I don't feel like a lose power but it's odd any ideas oh...
  5. S15AK

    coilpack issue? help

    I'm having an issue with my coilpacks. The car wasn't running well and miss firing, it all pointed to the spark plugs/coilpacks. We took the harness off to take a look, noticed a bad earth so re did that, checked all the coils and plugs, put it all back together, and now it won't even start...
  6. C

    Cold Start Problem

    Hi all, New to this site and new to S15 ownership...picked it up on Friday! Sadly, my new toy is giving me a bit of a headache. When trying to start it, after it's been stood for a good few hours, it takes many attempts for it to fire. The engine turns over, but just doesn't fire up. When it...
  7. G

    Fire out from the exhaust

    Hi all. I have seen in drift cars, GT cars & rally cars flashes of fire escape out from the rear muffler especially during close throttle. I'd imagine only oversized injectors will cause rich fuel to overflow out through the turbine burning everything along the way. I cant imagine how the turbo...