1. Benne

    FS: Toda S15 6-speed flywheel

    brand new :thumbs: "Toda racing lightweight flywheel helps increase throttle response and aid in overall vehicle performance. All Toda flywheels are brand new and are not modified stock flywheels. Each flywheel is brand new units produced from 100% chromoly steel. Toda chromoly...
  2. andeep

    Flywheels and clutches

    Killed my clutch after a hard clutch kick (guess was on its way out) and have been doing a lot of research into flywheels. My question is: Whats stopping me from fitting an S14 flywheel and S14 clutch on my S15 6-speed? I know that there will be extra noise etc and people have said it will...
  3. DeanS15

    act clutches and flywheels

    hey guys, just after advice and experiences with act clutches and flywheels......when i get the new setup installed im gonna have to uprate the clutch and have been considering the act 6 puck paddle heavy duty clutch and streetlite flywheel, my only worry is that ive been told to stay well away...