1. R

    Spare Keys

    I've coded many keys for VW and I know specialist software is needed, I'm hoping Nissan work differently. I currently have 1 Key and Fob which I'm using. I also have a Nismo Key from the previous owner and another fob, While the fob works I'm unsure the key would work if its cut? Would I still...
  2. craig_m


    is it possible to get a flip key and also get it to work with your existing alarm?? something like this key always wanted a...
  3. Darren_S15


    I need to get a new key for my 15 but Im not sure what kind of key I need. Do we have any kind of chips or anything on our keys or can I just get a new fob and get it cut? Thanks, Darren
  4. G

    S15 Origianl Key Fob

    been meaning to ask this for a while, an original nissan key fob came in my car with a button on it and no battery in it and the key cut off. did these come standard with the S15? i dont have an alarm in the car yet, mite this work the central locking if i threw a battery into it?? finally got...
  5. J

    Sigma Alarm System, Fried?

    Hello, When i got into my car today, after unlocking it via my fob i turned the ignition and the car failed to start, beeping at me. Thinking the obvious, the battery, i tried folding out my electric mirrors, they made it about half way, heh. So i charged up my battery for roughly 2 hours...