1. ryan3

    Trax 2016

    Here's a few pics I took at TRAX yesterday... First of all the S15's (there were quite a few others that I spotted but my phone had died by that point): And here's one of mine being washed the day before TRAX as I completely forgot to take any pics of it yesterday! Also a...
  2. J

    Looking for my first s15!

    Hi guys and girls, As the title suggests, I am in the market for my first s15. I was all set on buying one off motorhub but after reading some reviews, I'll stay away from them. I have been lurking around for a while but only decided to register today. My daily driver is a 2010 diesel ford...
  3. S15_SAM

    FS: Ford focus 2002, 1.4 CL, 70k, tax and mot £1850

    Hi guys selling a focus I've got! Any questions then please ask here's the add! 2002 Ford Focus 1.4 CL, 5 door hatch, 70,000miles, mettalic silver - Tax and MOT until end of March 2012. Combined mpg is 42 and motorway is 52mpg. It has Air conditioning, electric windows front, PAS, central...
  4. Fasthands

    Paignton near Focus DIY 8th June 2011

    I was just pulling out of Focus around 4:15 pm ish, and saw the back end of a white S15. Number plate S15 OMG. Had Aero rear spoiler I think. Bloody traffic stopped me getting beside you to say HI.....:p Sweet car from what I could see..
  5. mint

    S15 Bodykit Thread (Lots of pics!)

    Well its taken me ages to do this lol! But i felt like i wanted to 'add' something to the s15oc. Anyway i took the pics from the following book (Hyper Rev's Silvia 13/14/15 + 180sx, Episode .07) I just bought when i was in Japan. It gives people a good list on what body kit's are out there for...
  6. Topper

    Radio Reception

    Does anyone have a problem with this?? One minute i can have a great signal, the next it is very poor, and in some areas, where i should get a signal (do in the Focus) i dont get a signal at all :no: