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    WTB: Wanted: Rota force drift 18"

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for some Rota force Drift 18" alloys, The more concave the better. preferably with good tyres, I bought some...but because of the offset they dont fit properly, meaning my car is now driving like a 4x4 to stop any fouling. Idiot that I am. Any colours welcome
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    S15 Spec R w/ 5-spd (which driveshaft?)

    I'm running a S15 motor and S14 SR20DET 5-spd transmission on my S15. I just did the swap, but the driveshaft (which is complete from an S14 also) didn't fit right. It goes in, but it seems it's just a little too long, because I had to force it up and then force the center carrier to line up...