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    hesitation under acceleration

    I think something bad is going on with my engine, can anyone suggest what it might be? The car starts fine, runs fine, but sometimes if I floor it from like 60mph it accelerates but judders/misses?/hesitates, it doesn't seem good, so I go off the power. I thought maybe I had something in the...
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    Nismo and Stuff!

    Hey Guys, Just to let you know, I'm placing an order with Japan tomorrow, so if you need anything from NISMO etc over in Japan just give me a shout. And don't forget to like us on Facebook to keep on track with what we are getting in!!! :thumbs:
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    what do u guys think about wide body???

    I know that the front fenders are easy to change but the problem is the rear....(u hav to cut the old fender off), and then put this over... ,so just wanna know what are ur thoughts about this worth it? or just forget about it ??