1. shelb

    Gear knob Refurb (DIY)

    I got this gear knob free with a gear surround I bought, It was pretty shot but I hate seeing things go to waste so I thought I would do something with it. Forgot to take some pics but you get the idea lol
  2. L

    best small battery

    Heya, Need to get a new battery. I've cut a hole in my battery tray so need one of those smaller ones (forgot the technical name) What are the better brands around? What should i expect to pay?
  3. C

    HKS Brake Line Kit

    Hello guys. Couplle of days ago HKS released their own manufactured Brake line kits. These look :cool: . My mechanic tried them on his EVO 7 and he is happy with them and their quality . If there is enough interest to these we can make a GROUP BUY which would be a free delivery anywhere:D ...
  4. mint

    FAO Dude at JAE! / Fixing Headlights...

    Sorry forgot your name homes >.<' It was someone i was talking to about bringing the headlight's back up like BRAND new.. cant remember the name of the compound you told me about.. any help? lol Thanks -Minto
  5. S

    Best wide body for S15?

    What you think of the best wide body shape? I say C-west wide body with different front bumper. maybe a modified aero? I forgot to put Wisesquare Besiege and Rauh Welt... Anyway the poll starts!!
  6. T

    WTB: Right front seat wanted

    As said in the topic, I'm looking for a right front S15 seat. (Already got the left seat.) :) Oh, I live in Norway, by the way... :wave: Edit: forgot to include a pic of the seat that I've already got. (Needless to say, I want a similar right seat. ;))...