1. oilman

    Opie Oils new year competition

    ROLL UP, ROLL UP - IT'S NEW YEAR AND TIME FOR THE OPIE OILS COMPETITION! Our competition is now OPEN to enter, up for grabs is a GoPro HERO4 Session worth £169 - Included with this great piece of tech is: -Standard frame -Low-profile frame -Curved adhesive...
  2. S

    Recaro "Sport Frame" Seat Rails... Do they fit?

    Hi all, I'm about to buy some Recaro SR-7 seats, but I have a question about the rails. There are two different rails you can buy for the reclining buckets like the SR-7, the "Normal Rails":, part number 2081.087...
  3. R

    WTB: Armrest

    Hello*Is there anybody that have the armrest and the frame around the radio.*It must be to the Netherlands*Regards
  4. 2

    k frame

    just wondering would a s14 k frame fit straight on a s15 or are they differnt
  5. 2

    WTB: K Frame for s15 in australia

    just after a k frame in australia or any wreckers in australia
  6. A

    WTB: Wanted S15 glass sunroof. Anyone breaking?

    I´m looking for a glass sunroof for my s15. All I need is the actuall glass and the frame that is sits on. THX //Alex
  7. F

    Over-filling gearbox oil

    Hey guys, when I got my car serviced I Redline Shockproof Light Weight in my gear box. It now seems more clunky into gears so I was going to do the over-fill trick from the top. I've pulled my car apart from the inside and got down to the shifter, but the two front bolts can't come out because...
  8. I

    Front passenger Seat - substandard side support?

    Ok - here's a weird one. On your front passenger side seat, have a feel of the side bolstering and frame. The door side of the seat has a frame which comes quite far out ie if you press the bolstering, you can feel it quite easily. However, if you go to the other side (gearshift side), the...