1. Rémi

    Rémi's French S15 Spec R

    Welcome to the French corner of the S15 Owners Club. Please take a seat, grab a glass wine, and enjoy the stay. *** My relationship with this magnificent automobile started almost four years ago. I learnt to drive behind the wheel of two Honda Civic, and always had a soft spot for the Silvia...
  2. K

    French man :)

    Hello, my name is Marc, I'm 25 years old and I'm french :) I'm here because I search a s15 ! I was going to by a yellow one to "paulbrowncars" but I found bad news on it on internet. So I decide to leave this idea and search one here :) I hope to find one !
  3. O

    need a help in the uk registration

    Hi all , I'm french and i'm ready to go in uk to swap my car and my car is ever in uk plate ( it's a uk car), and i want to know if it's possible to drive the car with the old uk plate , i never change the papers so the car is not registred in france but the old owner send a certificate of...
  4. P

    French S15

    Hello everyone, I'm French and I own an S15 since about 6 months. I was living in Ireland before, and bought it there before getting back to France. I'm 27, a marvelous 3 months daughter, an also marvelous wife (just in case she reads lol). I am a freelancer website builder and search engine...
  5. kimi

    coordsport customer drift car

    Thought i'd share the pictures of one of our customer cars strawberry face silvia 14.5 :D Its been built by Urban Racing for the french drifting and also to use on show stands :cool:
  6. G

    WTB: s15 spec-R AERO

    I look for a Nissan s15 specR with full AERO kit, color pearl white, with less then 100000kms (65000 miles) in good condition :nod: I would like all OEM parts (french registration :furious:) Price max: 11000€ or £10000 Thanks :thumbs:
  7. G

    Hello from France

    Hey girls & guys, I'm French and my name is Guillaume. I don't still have s15 But I think it more and more :rolleyes: My dream is a white s15 specR Aero :smitten: Is what there is French owners here? ps: sorry for my english:o
  8. seilow

    WTB: s15 sr20det

    hello I search a nissan s15 sr20det , good state or crashed ( but not hard crashed^^), i 'm soory for my engilsh because i'm french lol please contact me by : thankss