1. D

    Hellooo 👍 s15 owner from Wales.

    Picked my s15 up on Friday for a steal of £6700 👌 so far so good, really pleased with it. Previously owned 2 dc5's, 2 ep3's, a rotten S14 with some good bits i picked up for £1500 with a fresh engine rebuild, and then the usual first car ****ters (corsa 1.2, 1.6, 2.0 & nova 1.4sr, 2.0) Looking...
  2. A

    FS: SSR Hasemi Prot-S 17x9 +25 fresh refurbished!

    Testing the water: Thinking about selling my fresh refurbished SSR Hasemi Prot-S, because I´ve after another offer. Need to go asap, if not, I´ll keep them, because they´re lovely and very rare and hard to find wheels. There´s no other square set in this condition on the market...
  3. dave_t

    WTB: Wanted: Mint set of Boot Carpets

    My boot carpets are a bit tired. Planning to Fit sound deadening to the boot floor so it's a good time to make it nice and fresh. Anyone have a clean set of carpets?
  4. A

    Brake fluid top up?

    I read that you can use DOT4 - DOT5.1 brake fluid on the useful threads..I have no idea what brake fluid is in the car, can I just get any DOT4/5.1 fluid & top it up or would I really need to drain it out & put fresh in?
  5. T

    FS: Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R - Low Mileage Fresh Import, Aero Kit

    Fresh Import S15 Spec R just arrived from Japan. Great condition 1999 Model which has covered 56,000 miles. It has the genuine Aero Spoiler, Rear Spats, Sideskirts and a Aftermarket Front Bumper, AVS Alloys, Nismo Exhaust, Apexi Air Filter and Stereo. Also available with the standard rear...
  6. Jay-pan

    HKS Hipermax D spec?

    Hi guys, The car i have been looking at comes with the above suspension, just wondering if people have had experience of them and will they last well on the terrible UK roads? heard there drift spec? If not whats the going price on them? immaculate condition as its of a fresh import nothing...
  7. S

    UK car tax

    I've tried to do a search and failed (does it not like words with 3 charecters) and read through this thread. My question. With the tax based on year of registration does that mean a fresh import would cost £790 for the first...
  8. Cris69


    Hello everyone this is my first s15 I'm normally a Mazda man!! I live in Milton Keynes and have had my s15 for 3weeks now, love it As soon as I sell my project rx7 then I'll have the money to start my epic s15 build!!! As I said I have had mazda's for 7/8 years and never really tried...
  9. L

    My fresh import s15

    Just a few photos. Will put up the specs and more photos later.
  10. natune

    S15 owner to be!

    hey everyone :D thought i would sign up and get to know a few of you prior to getting an s15. as we speak i have just started the process of getting a fresh import spec r with the help of the nice people at newera. having dealt with them before im confident i will end up with an awesome car...
  11. T

    Hi, and question about 2001 Spec R

    Hi i'm new here and been looking and reading up alot on S15s. can you register a 2001 S15 Spec R now? i've read post about model report only going up to 12.2000. but that was in 2007. and also does any trader here do SVA preparation, test and Register service on a fresh import? thanks
  12. T

    Tail lights options

    In my opinion the only thing that lets the car down is the tail lights, no that they're a bad design or anything but I think they have a slightly dated look to them with the whole red/orange patterned lens going on! I was wondering if people could post up pictures/names of the various...
  13. C

    Hello everyone!

    Hi, i've joined this forum as i'm looking to buy a s15 in the near future when i sell my current car which is a civic ek9. I'll probably go for a stock, fresh import specR. What are the common faults to look out for when buying a s15? Cheers, craig :)
  14. Big Ned

    Hi there

    Hello, I've put a deposit on an S15 Spec R yesterday. If all goes well I should have it tomorrow or Saturday at the latest. It's a fresh import in pewter. Looking forward to something a bit more lively than the Celica GT-Four it's replacing.
  15. mint

    FS: The Minty Fresh Coupe - NOT s15..

    Im putting this up as im away to get my s15 soo so soon, So if this is a problem please delete and inform me. -- For sale: The Minty Fresh Coupe Item Condition: Minty Fresh y0! :P Price and price conditions: ?5k o.n.o. Extra Info: Has 72k on the clock however the engine its sell has been...