1. F

    floor mats

    I'm looking for a set of checkered karo floor mats but having difficulty translating the Japanese karo page. Was wondering if anyone knew of an English friendly place or a uk supplier or even somewhere that does the same style floor mats.
  2. Curryzz

    Sva imports, what are they like??

    Hi,my s15 is guna be ready to go and view this weekend coming, I have put a 500 refundable deposit on the car at the mo but as of this viewing I ither pull out or go for it! Has anyone had any good, or bad experiences from them? So far they seem friendly anough! Had anybody brought cars from...
  3. J

    Hillclimb s15 action

    Havin some fun at the local hillclimb just held, Just like the "touge" but a little more police friendly! :)