1. Feast Japan

    Open Event: FIA WEC @ Fuji Speedway - Day One

    Big weekend up at Fuji and living it up starting today :) Again working with the RFC simulators, this time under the Audi brand. Have some great photos from today on a new blog, have a look -> http://feastautogroupmedia.wordpress.com/2012/10/12/the-road-to-fia-wec-fuji-speedway/ And...
  2. Feast Japan

    Fuji Speeday 8/6 Meeting

    86 meeting from this past weekend up at Fuji Speedway. Drift sessions were cool, but even cooler was seeing this high spec AE86 race cars up close. Each and everyone of them tailored a bit differently. Starting with the FT-86 and onward... Enjoy! This one needs no introduction at...
  3. Roots82

    D1 GP Final, Fuji Speedway

    Hey guys, I recently spent some time out in Japan, and managed to get to Fuji Speedway for the D1 final whilst i was there, Awesome day was loads to see on and off the track, Especially in the car parks lol Any way thought some of you drifters might wanna see the video i knocked up out of the...
  4. J

    Sightseeing in Chiba Japan + a few from Fuji Speedway!

    I never post up pics or videos for you guys so I took the time to do just that on my last mini holiday. These are from Nokogiriyama and Fuji Speedway. Sorry for the bad quality I don't have the best camera... Enjoy- There was a bridge here at one time- Yep that's me in case you were...