1. powizzle

    Retrofitting S15 Headlights adjustment

    Hey guys, My car came with the HID option headlights from Japan along with the electric adjustment inside the cabin. However, I had to replace my headlights. I'd like to keep the function though. Is there a way I can retrofit the wiring and motor to the non-hid headlights?
  2. P

    drift button

    Hi has anyone fitted a drift button to there s15? is it possible to make the s15 e brake function like the 86 re unscrew the ratchet while driving then tighten again to return to stock ratchet function?
  3. J

    Brake Assist

    See from this web page Looks like Silvia do have a brake assist system. So this system can be shut it off or not? Any member know? And how can i know this system is still function well?
  4. J

    Is this a problem?

    I had the car jacked up yesterday and the wheel off... here's what I found :( : Would you say that's a problem? I'm not sure what the torn up plastic part is... or its function...?