1. Adam L

    Poo car

    I saw this plate on an X5 last night while driving on the M4. I thought it was quite funny and got the miss' to take a picture
  2. R

    Window wont go up or down!

    Well lads, have a bit of a problem with my driver side window. It wont go up or down?!:annoyed: There is a funny noise out of it when you press the button. Any ideas??
  3. adz87kc

    Funny pic

    Found this pic and thought it was funny. Hope you guys can appreciate it :)
  4. D

    Clutch - weird

    Hi was reading through a very old thread I have a similar problem. Owned the s15 about 4 days (upgrade from an s13). Drove it 900km on my way home - everything was fine, until i stayed a night in a hotel, went outside in the morning to...