1. TimmyT

    Fusebox Loom R/LAMP relay

    Hi! I have 2 fuseboxes here. They are identical except the R/LAMP relay. One has a Wire (green with a red line) that goes from the relay into the 15A fuse. The other One has 2 of these Wire where 1 go to relay and 1 to the 15A fuse seperated. Someone knows whats the diffeence here is? Thanks
  2. FreakensNL

    lose connectors?! 3 not connected

    anyone got a idea where these are for?? removed alarm and turbo timers and what not... location: fusebox next to throttle
  3. P

    WTB: S15 engine bay fusebox and loom

    Give me shout if you have S15 fusebox from enginebay with all the loom that leaves from it. Spec-R one if it does differ from Spec-S.
  4. Aurora61

    fender wiring harness relocation

    for those of you that are really lowered, where did you relocate the wiring harness running along the drivers side fender? I know its common practice to relocate the wiring across the strut tower, but i think it looks ugly that way. Ive heard that you can rotate the engine bay fusebox to make...
  5. Nicely

    Translated fusebox diagrams

    For those with JDM S15s who haven't looked inside the footwell fusebox, you're in for a surprise! :p Your fusebox diagram is in Jap. :D I sorted out translated diagrams last year to replace both the footwell and engine bay fusebox diagrams. The engine bay one is already in english, but if its...