1. Mirai_Vaits

    WTB: S15 lsd

    Looking for someone selling a spare lsd so I can end this silly open diff game.
  2. Nickichi

    Gran turismo 5

    been a bit late getting the game due to college projects but now they are out of the way i've bought myself another S15 :smitten: love the car and the game although i need more practice anyway. Was wondering if there were any fellow gamers here that also have a copy, would be fun race the...
  3. - 0h -

    Need for Speed Undercover LAG

    has anyone had the problem with running this game? I have just installed the game and It seems laggy so bad. I launched the game, it ask me to create the save file, after i've done that, the game also crashed. how to solve this problem anyone? my PC spec is quite high XP serivice pack3...
  4. M

    if you're bored... need to kill few minutes?

    awes little game..
  5. JEZ 8553

    Live For Speed

    So, does anyone on here play LFS on PC ? If so add me as a buddy... jezperks For anyone that hasnt heard of this game its the most realistic racing/drifting sim out there, making a mockery of Forza and the Gran Tursimo series. Unfortunately they dont have a license for real cars but this...
  6. P

    Finally Got One

    Finally i've managed to find what i want and here's the only pic i have of it up2 now Its a 2002 model with only 17,000 miles on the clock! :D I know its got dif wheels, Exhaust and suspension but thats it at this momont in time I saw justins at jm imports when he was picking it up and...
  7. kimi

    A game to play for christmas :D
  8. sushiming

    Game try it out

    hey guys try this game out.... Game its great hehe :D