1. Surfing Boris

    Cornish Body Shops

    Hi Guys, I am trying to find a good company in the South West that will de-lock, remove all badges, and remove the original spoiler from an S15 boot. I want to get a couple of quotes from decent garages. Does anybody know of anywhere in the SW that can do a good job and comes reccommended please?
  2. M

    useful garages

    hi there im about to buy a s15 of torque gt and with me being a crap mechanic id would like to know is there any good garages around the west london area that knows a fair bit about the s15?? thanks mark
  3. L

    Coilover ajdusment

    total noob ere...Wanted to know to how would i adjust my HKS Hyperpro MAx coil overs they are too stiff want to soften them. Anyone know any garages in ireland who specialized in coilover adjustment ?