1. Marcus

    Open Event: Gatebil, Rudskogen Norway 8-10.7 (Main Event)

    Hi everyone! As you know, summer is coming in speed... So here is a event, that I like to have more S15's from this club :) Gatebil Festival in Rudskogen Norway (Summers MAIN EVENT) It is held at Rudskogen Motorcenter in Norway. (475km from Stockholm) Dates are 8-10.7.2011 so its from friday...
  2. Marcus

    Gatebil Festival in Mantorp, Sweden 2-4.7.2010

    I promised to write a story of our trip to Gatebil. Well here it comes... :nod: First of all, Gatebil is orginally from Norway and it now has one event in Sweden. This year, it was held in Mantorp racetrack and I can tell you, it was f*cking awesome event. We leaved Finland with my mate, who...
  3. Marcus

    Open Event: Gatebil Festival 2-4.7.2010

    Hi everyone, I was wondering is any of S15OC clubbers coming to Gatebil Festival in Sweden, Mantorp Racetrack at 2-4 July?? I'm coming with my S15 and lots of others Nissan enthuastics from Finland... :nod: Lots of tiresmoke, burning rubber, beautiful swedish girls and nice cars with great...
  4. Yakozan

    Gatebil track event, Sweden, anyone wanna go?

    Link to the website. date and location: Gatebil Festival, Mantorp (Sweden) - 29th-1st of July (Friday-Sunday) So. Does anyone wanna come over. :) If it was closer to my home I could have offered a place to sleep. But It's to far away so I will...
  5. Robbyp

    JAE & Gatebil!!!!

    Hey guys thinking of going over to JAE this year never been over any o u guys recommend it? Also what bout gatebil any of u going to it or got any dates of it?!cant find the post that was here bout it!
  6. A

    Pictures from Norwegian Car festival called Gatebil!

    Here is som pictures from this weekend... I was at a car show called Gatebil at Rudskogen racetrack. it's scandinavia's biggest meet i think? Lots of plastic & Silicone ;) Teaser pics:
  7. S

    Last Gatebil 2006!

    Just got home from gatebil.. And got to say it was awsome!! the s13's and s14's was burning rubber as hell! disepointing that Kenneth Moen was not driving the beautifull S15 :cry:
  8. Yakozan

    harald200s S15 on Norweigian TV.

    here in the left menu click on "frokost-TV" and then "28.03.06". It's on one of the "Gatebil" files. I can't watch it from work, but I will watch it when I get home :)
  9. Yakozan

    Gatebil Rudskogen 2005 pics by Claes Nilsson (

    Found some pics on another forum and thought that should post them here :) It's from the Norweigian event Gatebil which I hopefully will attend next summer. If I don't waste all my money on mods that is ;) Enjoy :)