1. Re-VolveR

    FS: Brian Crower camshafts, snow performance water/meth, Garrett gt3071r

    Brian Crower camshafts, New Turbos all in NEW condition! brian crower stage 2 camshafts s14/s15 sr20(nvct) 200 GBP Borgwarner EFR 6758 t25 a/r 0.64 NEW 850 GBP Precision 5558 Ballbearing t3 NEW 820 GBP world shipping from Russia! (shipping cost approx. 40 GBP) email...
  2. driftmonkey

    how much for this S15

    Sep 18 --:-- #30774 CAA Chubu NISSAN SILVIA スペックR Start: GBP 6,923 Sold: GBP 13,769 Year: 2002 Mileage: 37,000 Type...
  3. spoonman

    Postage Question for UK people please

    Ive brought some brake shoes and had them sent to my mates house which is in the UK, as the brake shoes are half the price they are in NZ. how do you guys go about posting items without it costing like 50 - 70 GBP? i just sent a airfilter and adapter to germany from NZ for $30NZD which is...
  4. T

    FS: S15 Headlights, new in box

    I got a pair of new headlights for sale, new in box. Only test fitted once but ever been driven with. Ill take 549,- GBP or a good offer.
  5. shark79

    FS: S15 LH headlight

    Anyone looking for this ? please pm me for pics price GBP 360 shipped via EMS Thanks
  6. B

    FS: [Mega-Sales-Thread] High Quality Parts only

    Hello guys, some of you might already know my project which i introduced in my project thread here. However due to high tuition fees of my next university i have to sell the car to finance my further studies. Nearly all parts are brand new, that means that they were test fitted but the engine...
  7. Benne

    FS: 4Sale: Carbon Look S15 Taillights

    190 GBP posted to UK
  8. T

    Thinking of buying a rb s15.

    Hi silvia community. So' as title states I am considering buying a rb26 silvia, I've never owned a rb or a skyline before, and this is pretty pricey. I dont really know if it is worth going ahead with it, so I was wondering if you can help me decide, i've already talked with Dean, He was very...
  9. Benne

    FS: stock fog light

    Got a set of stock fog lights for sale, are in good shape. looking for 80 GBP
  10. P

    GBP -> JPY Exchange Rate!

    I have just been pricing up a few bits for the S15 and noticed how poor the exchange rate is at the moment! Taken from 1.00 GBP = 159.131 JPY Just to put it in perspective... A 1,700,000 JPY S15 in Japan will now cost you just over £2,000 more compared to the rate at the...
  11. F

    Check this out for 14,650 GBP NICE !!!! :nod: