1. F

    WTB: gear knob wanted

    Would prefer an good condition oem one but may consider other nice gearknob a , thanks
  2. dave_t

    FS: OEM Spec-R GearKnob - Replace your worn out one

    Item For Sale: I bought this from Jordan - from his low mileage S15 Spec R. I only needed the lower plastic bit to custom fit my Kazama Gearknob, so the all important gearknob itself is going spare. In pretty damn good condition, better than most i have seen - see pics (actually looks better...
  3. Tony

    WTB: S15 oem gearknob..?

    Hi there.. just wanted to check if anyone sells a oem S15 gearknob in good condition for a good price..?? Best regards T.M
  4. T

    Identify this gearknob :)

    Can anyone identify this gearknob ?? its from the Verte Lang S15 as seen on Dino's old blog here Anyone that tells me the correct answer is cool and I will be very grateful Cheers Doug
  5. - 0h -

    R34 GTR gearknob will fit in S15 6spd?

    as stat in the title.. would the GTR R34 gearknob fit into 6spd lever??? cheers
  6. mint

    My New winter beater ^.^

    yup here she is.. name to be decided still. 95 Miata.. Pretty gay but meh, i still have Kei chan to keep me straight :rotfl: or.. sideways in my dori spec lmfao! :ghey: hahah tbh, i love this thing. I have had it just under 2 days and got a few toys already. -MFC Sunstrip (Must...
  7. Y

    S15 buyer

    S15 buyer HELP! Hi guys, I just put a deposit on this I would like ur thots. I went to have a look at it today and it is truly immaculate and very sexy. I'm coming from a 2002 Civic type r which is 245hp 178kw 169lbs/ft, cammed and bored to 2050cc...
  8. S

    C's Short Shifter

    Ok, today i was driving back home from uni and I noticed the gearstick was moving abit during shifting then I thought it was the gearknob so i turn the gearknob and the gearstick came off :shock: So i might aswell share this info with you guys, it does come off :cry: What i use to glue...