1. Parky

    WTB: Gearstick gaiter / base and surround

    The plastic ring that my gearstick gaiter attaches to is damaged and doesn't seem to fit the surround, assuming it's the original gaiter and base from an automatic, so if anyone has one then let me know, cash waiting, cheers!
  2. D

    FS: Carbon centre trim

    Just taken this off the new car as well. £160 from EP Racing, but does include the gearstick gaiter trim as well which I don't have. £50 posted :)
  3. S

    C's Short Shifter

    Ok, today i was driving back home from uni and I noticed the gearstick was moving abit during shifting then I thought it was the gearknob so i turn the gearknob and the gearstick came off :shock: So i might aswell share this info with you guys, it does come off :cry: What i use to glue...
  4. S