1. D - Drifting, Culture, Sports

    Hey guys, A few friends and me are running a blog about the evolving drifting scene, jdm cars, local meets and many more for round about 4 years now. There're are a few blog entries which got english subtitles but most of it is written in German. Anyway, if you wanna check out whats happening...
  2. K

    New from Germany

    Hello Everybody! My name is Rene Roesel. I'm master of engineering and owner of K-Sport Germany and FiberSports. Building cars and their components is my profession. I bought a S15 spec R some weeks ago to make a sure race car from it. We want to take part at the German drift series, the...
  3. Yakozan

    Video: Un-pimp my ride.

    With a Swedish german :confused: Enjoy :)