1. S


    405 for a years road tax? its only a v reg s15 :( gues nobodys geting x-mas pressies now :cry:
  2. sushiming

    Apex FMIC

    hey guys I know some of u guys still dont have a FMIC so I was wondering is anyone intrested in geting one I myself am looking at geting a Apex one as nicely says it seems to have good fitment so was wondering if any of u guys will want one cuz iam planing to see if bren from apex will do us a...
  3. sushiming


    hey guys I've noticed after installing my HKS bov that fuel seems to be going a lot quicker..and when i am in very low boost the exhaust pop...has anyone else experienced this.? would this have anything to do with the ecu thinking it need more fuel hence the poping as I am thinking of puting...
  4. sushiming

    Any intrests in chargespeed style side wings??

    hey guys my mate just wants to knwo is there anyone intrested in some chargespeed side wings with the vents in he is planing on geting some and would like to see if u guys would like some? I think price range would be around ?180-?220 depending on cost and shipping...he is geting s...