1. S

    19" wheels on S15?

    Does anyone have any pictures of S15's with tasteful, nicely fitted 19" wheels? Considering doing a set on mine. Hate wheel gap so I want to do a 19" wheel and slam the car giving it an aggressive, but functional look. Thoughts?
  2. M

    workmeister s1 refurb

    Anyone know if its possible to get workmeister s1 rims refurbed in ireland??they are the polished finish 3 piece version and i woulnt trust giving them to just anybody so if anyone has had any experience with these help would be appreciated
  3. S.K

    A few pics after a good clean

    The good weather can make you do funny things like giving your car a long overdue clean I hope you like it %20
  4. zero260

    Power advice

    I am very new to the S15 scene and need to know some basics when it comes to up'ing the power on my Spec-R safely. The car is completely standard so I am looking at doing the usual basics like 3" full Exhaust system, turbo elbow, front mount, air filter and a remap. But before I do anything...
  5. E

    Meet: MissBanzai London Tunnel Run

    Back again this year for the 2nd time, we present another London Tunnel Run, hosted by inviting all Japanese car owners! The pre-meet will kick off at Essex Arena (RM19 1AE) on Saturday 10th October from 9.30pm. Maps will be handed out on arrival to those who have pre-paid...
  6. mint

    Mints question thread

    lol, well i figured id have a heap of stuff to ask about etc so yeah.. em.. 1. What the hell is that little 'cheese grater' looking thing to the left of the steering wheel, next to the pocket? 2. I have no boost gauge... where could i get a pillar pod thing for it? 3. Does all s15's seem...
  7. Nicely

    Recommended UK Importers

    As it says in the title :) I'll start by giving a huge :thumbs: to Torque GT. More details here.
  8. B

    WTB: exhaust swap

    I have a Nismo cat back exhaust on my car and find it too quiet for my liking :wack: so if anyone has an exhaust that's giving them a headache,let me know and maybe we can do a deal .Here's the Nismo exhaust on mine
  9. C

    Normal coolant and engine oil temps...optimal temperatures?

    Hi All, Since getting my PFC, i've been monitoring my water temps. For normal everyday driving, i get between 72-80 degrees. For a warm day, i'll get 85. and giving it a boot for a while i get about 89. (that's the highest i've seen). Also connected my oil temp gauge. Takes FOREVER for the oil...
  10. K

    gear box and diff oil

    ok i know this has been covered but ive done a search a cant find what im lookng for? need to know what oils to use and how much, also when giving detailsof oils need to know what nisan recommend as well as your personal recommendations, may be we could making this a sticky in the useful...