1. S

    Boost Leak?

    I don't seem to have any boost at all. Keeping an eye on the boost guage it goes to nearly 0 but doesn't make any boost at all. My question is would a boost leak cause this? I would have thought I'd see some boost but to see none at all would suggest a gaping hole somewhere. I have had a look...
  2. T

    Plumbing in a gizzmo

    Anyone know the safe/ easist place to plumb in the pressure pipe that comes out of the control unit on a Gizzmo ebc. Noob question maybe but i know nowt about ebc. thanks in advance :thumbs:
  3. T

    Wiring help

    As anyone got pics of the best and easiest place to wire in pos and neg on a gizzmo ebc .Cause im crap with electrics and i dont want to blow anything.Thanks in advance :thumbs:
  4. Mike

    Gizzmo fitting help

    Fitting the gizzmo today, all wired up but getting confused with the plumbing of the solenoid in, sure a few people are running them could help me out. Am i right in saying this pipe connects to the 1 side of it. And this side connects to the 2 side? Or am i WAY off!? Cheers
  5. P

    GIZZMO PRICE LIST -- FREE P&P PLUS £15 towards fitting fees

    Hopefully title explains it all..............I'll refund you £15 from your order to cover the fitting fees. Part Number Description RRP Inc VAT GZM-G0001 Gizzmo KMon £599.00 GZM-G0002 Gizzmo KMon Spare Sensor £70.00 GZM-G0909 Gizzmo DSII-L £84.00 GZM-G0910 Gizzmo DSII £65.00 GZM-G0915 Gizzmo...
  6. Yakozan

    Anyone knows anything about the Gizzmo chip for S15?

    just found a chip for the S15 on PB-Z webshop. The brand is Gizzmo. Anyone know anything about it? Here a link to the webpage (In swedish).