1. S

    Newbie from Southampton

    Hi all, Currently own a '99 spec Toyota Starlet Glanza V. Looking for an S15, probably a Spec S as I don't want to sell the Glanza and can't really afford a Spec R without selling it. Insurance is also a factor haha. Although might wait a few months and save up a little more, we shall see...
  2. irvs

    glanza V

    oh dear had the lend of a glanza V(1.3 turbo) for the weekend. running 1.5bar at 180bhp, im gonna be lousy and say im soo temped to buy one. the main reason so fast for such a small bean tin, bloody hell i had it go off the clock in 3rd gear and hell did 5th feel scary.hehe. but the ting that...