1. oilman

    20% off Heatshield Products and Magnetic Gold Plugs

    Opies are pleased to announce that we will be running a very special offer for the whole of March on a couple of our very popular brands: Heatshield Products for thermal protection, and Gold Plugs magnetic oil drain plugs. You will be able to get a massive 20% discount on all products from these...
  2. oilman

    Gold Plug Magnetic Sump Plugs now available

    In the past we’ve often been asked if we sell magnetic sump plugs? Well we have some good news – WE DO NOW and they're not just any magnetic sump plug they're Gold Plug all the way from the US of A! These plugs feature the most powerful magnets in the world and they knock the socks of their...
  3. S

    need some help with wheel choice...

    buying some wheels today, just really torn between the colors. Gold or chrome black..opinions please. Going on this......
  4. dave_t

    WTB: Hks ssqv gold insert

    After a GOLD insert for my HKS SSQV. anyone have one lying around that they want to get rid of? example pic: pm me for quickest response -David
  5. adzsy

    FS: 60mm HKS Boost Gauge

    I bought this of LGs14a (SXOC) a few days ago but doesn't fit some very specific requirements that I needed it for. Basically I tried fitting into a Spec R A-piller pod but it won't fit so its up for grabs. It is a 60mm HKS boost gauge with silver backing, I can confirm it works as I have tried...
  6. Jay-pan

    FS: 2 x XXR 527 Gold

    Have two brand new XXR 527 in 18" x 9.75J ET20 Gold in colour. Brand new no tyres ever fitted, come with warranty papers and centre caps still in plastic sealed bag. Looking for £270 Collected, Telford Area. Do have a full set but want to keep them but if i get a good offer could be interested...
  7. J

    FS: Hks fcon v pro gold s15 sr20det

    For sale. HKS FCON V PRO GOLD with loom. Was running an S15 SR20DET (unsure of spec). £450 posted, thanks.
  8. D

    FS: 6 speed gearbox

    As above, just been removed from my S15. It has around 68,000kms on the clock, running pretty much standard when I got, I only upped the boost to just under 1bar. Shifts really nice, no notchyness. Oil was still a nice dark gold colour when it came out. £500 It's up for the same with a...
  9. S

    FS: work anhelo's rare as rare can be. take 2

    ok managed to get 8 of these now but ive found another set of wheels im after in perfect sizes for me orgionally bought the white wheels 2years ago in a grubby state, since then ive had them professionally refurbed and the centers painted mini white then spent 5months paying people in the usa...
  10. N

    hi to all from gold coast

    hi name Denise and im on the gold coast. i just found this site so i thought id introduce myself i currently own a gold and black camo s15 (ex east coast custom got26) its sitting in my garge waiting for my skyline to sell so i can put a motor in it. Thinking either rb26dett, 2jz twin turbo or...
  11. S

    Hello from gold coast

  12. - 0h -

    My 99 S15 Spec S

    Here is my pride and joy and daily driven car. S15 Spec S SR20 de 6 Spd manual conversion Full Uras Bodykit Roof and Rear D-Max spoilers BC gold suspension adjustable front caster arms adjustable rear camer arms Autogauge smoke series gauges - Oil temp, Water temp, Vacuum and Oil pressure 18 x...
  13. B

    What is this body kit called and what do you think of this car?

    I thought I might ask to opinion of other s15 lovers. What do you thinknif this car? my s15 is the same colour, however, at the moment still has the standard wheels and no kit. I was thinking either gold, or black or silver rims so I googled them and...
  14. xlr8

    z 32afm

    i want to fit a z32 afm to my silvia but from the pod filter down to the turbo there is no factory afm.A hks f con gold ecu is running the lot,so is there a chance that the ecu is just controlling the air flow?
  15. S

    What you think about yellow with gold mag?

    I got my eyes on Top secret gold dished wheel (obviously GT-C) on my banana :) you reckon the colour will suit? i can't find any image so can't really draw the picture.... It may or may not be good but i love that mag!! even though it's only 17 but with the right height that shouldn't matter...
  16. J

    Help-Changing bodypaint!

    Guys, Finally got to installing some kits and planning for a total re-paint. The car will be hitting the oven real soon, so please help me decide! Here is a recent pic of my car in WV2 pewter:- These are some of the colors i've narrowed down to:- i) Top secret gold (cant remember the...
  17. subzero

    Subzero's S15 Impul Demo Car (new pics)

    photos taken by a friend of mine on an irish car forum . photogrophy is just a hobby of his but my god is he good. said id share em with you guys. ( and yes b4 you ask the wheels are gold and silver :D) . thatsa my mates (old skool) civic sedan .
  18. Robbyp

    Fitted new pads and disc's

    Hey guys just fitted 10 groove discs and ds2500 pads yest and painted the calipers up what u think? Dont hate me but the colour is actually ford arizona gold ha but i think it looks good against the colour of the rims!Wha ya think?