1. justin666

    FS: Standard S15 Spec R Alloys...

    Now the S15 is sold its time to move on a few bits I still have laying around..... So... Standard 16in S15 Spec R alloys that cam on the car when imported from Japan... Set of 4.. Really good condition and just need a good clean. Toyo Proxy T1-Rs all round 205/55/16, still road legal and...
  2. S

    FS: S15 being broken on Driftworks

    gotta be worth a look right? dont think he is a member on here
  3. S

    11" to suit

    I have things in mind that one day i'm going to put something width around 10-12 I know it will stick out a lot but body can match up the wheels :D :D What i worried is that clearance in terms of inner place whether it will touch suspension or anything. So something like 0 or -one digit offset...
  4. R

    Finally got 18s!

    Photos dont do them justice as im sure most of you are aware but im so glad I finally settled on a set of rims and they look the goods. Pics arent the best just a few quick snaps at the time I got home..gotta wash her and then take some more :D Springs are on their way.... :cool: