1. richy200

    WTB: s15 passenger front light wanted

    Hi guys had a bit of a run in with some ice and a parked car, minimal dammage but smashed light and bumper :( the car has only just been sprayed gutted! if anyone has or knows where i can get a passenger light form would be gratefull. Needs to be cheapish lol as i don't have much funds with...
  2. N

    Rb25det greddy or copy plenum????

    Hey guys does anyone no where i can get or no off anyone who has a greddy or a greddy copy plenum for a rb25detfor sale, its going into my s15, any help wood be gratefull. Thanks
  3. C


    Hi everyone :wave: I've recently sold my civic vti and am looking to get a S15 as my next car but am a bit worried about getting one imported, so i thought I would join the site and find out as much info as i could. If anyone could tell me if they had any problems getting there S15 though an...