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    hi guys

    hello everybody,happy to be here! i've my s15 since one year,and i like it! after a s13,and a s14,i've imported this s15 from japan. i'm here to learn a little more about it,and give some help if i can too! a big thanks to christian for his help about my logging account,really cool...
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    WTB: Steering rack

    Hi I am looking for a steering rack for s15. Don't really know if s14 is the same, so if anybody knows or have one, please give me a shout. Thanks. GReg.
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    WTB: Looking for a front suspension bolt

    Hi there Looking for this part: Nissan part number is 54580-15U00. I was in local nissan dealer and they gave me only one (no more in their supply store), but I need another one. If anybody has it, let me know. Thanks Greg.
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    CS2 suspension question

    Hi guys, I just bought this: Is there any fitting guide for that? I know it may be a hell of a job but I have a mechanic who accepted to do this - but I need a bit of assurance in case he will get lost with all of those parts. Will be greatful for any help, Greg.
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    Underbody question

    Hi As its warmer right now, I am willing to treat my car with underbody renovation. I heard that good way to do it would be sand blasting and then treating it with special paints. But I'm not so sure if it's the best way to do it, and I do not know any underbody specialists in Scotland. So if...
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    WTB: spec r 6spd gearbox

    Hi I am looking for a gearbox in good condition (no noises on bearings). If anybody has one please let me know. Greg.
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    nice vid on youtube about importing silvia to Australia Have a look on this exhaust system :) Regards Greg.
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    WTB: s15 spec R alternator

    Hi Looking for an alternator in a good condition. If anybody has something reasonable, please let me know. Thank you Greg.