1. S

    FS: Rota Grid 17x9.5 et20

    Selling my set of Rota Grid 17x9.5 et20 5x114.3 wheels off my Silvia as I plan on upgrading to 18" Work CR Kiwamis. All 4 wheels have been re-sprayed in a Toyota bronze colour, all have slight marks on the lips and 2 wheels have scrapes, all 4 wheels are straight, one has been welded...
  2. Judd

    FS: Rota Grid Drift. 17x9.5 et12 in white with new tyres.

    No longer for sale
  3. B

    Rota Grid Combos

    Anyone know of any Rota Grid wheel/tyre packages around? I live in NZ, i'd prefer someone local but overseas is fine. I'm after 18x9.5" and 18x9" 5 stud hyper black with 18p offset. They're going on my spec s metallic blue s15. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
  4. dave_t

    FS: WTB: Pair of 18" ROTA GRID DRIFT - WHITE.....poss swap?

    im picking up my S15 next week, and its coming with a set of staggered Rota Grid Drifts. Fronts; 18x8.5" ET 30 Rears; 18x9.5" ET 38 i want to have concave wheels all round so im after a pair of 18" concave Grid Drifts to replace the flat faced fronts. i may swap/p.x them if anyone wants...
  5. S

    FS: Pair of rota grid drifts 18x10

    Pair of rota grid drift wheels 8x10 5x114.3 et35 The rims are in good condition with the odd scuff mark, stone chips and slight scratches which are shown in the pictures. The inside lip on both rims caught my coilovers after I lowered it, they only just caught but have took the paint off the...
  6. P

    FS: ROTA GRID Drift Alloy Wheels

    *** FOR SALE *** 6 x 18"x 9.5j ROTA GRID Drift Rims in White. ET30 Offset 5x114 Stud Pattern Brand New last year and only used for 3 events so still in good condition £600 If anyone is interested please PM me, or contact me on 07921 998659 OR Couple of pics:
  7. F

    Bridgestone V Grid

    Hi just bought a 1999 s15 specR the rears are Bridgestone V Grid 205/55/16 and to me they seem very hard, they spin up in 2nd gear in a straight line the back end slides very easy is this the norm? :confused: I have had a 320bhp MR2 Turbo and that would not break free in a straight line...