1. R

    Info needed on HKS GT-RS turbo

    Im replacing my s15 turbo, im looking for info on the hks gt-rs turbo. will it bolt straight on....
  2. adz87kc

    2871r . . . bargain?

    Was having a look at this site: and you see the 9th turbo down -the GT2871R at £723- is that the one that the same as an HKS GT-RS? Seems rather cheap if its the one thats good for approx 400bhp :confused:
  3. N

    2871 or gt-rs??

    i know you guys are pretty big fans of the gt-rs but is it really worth it for more than double the money of a 2871?... ive currently got greddy exh, fmic an profec b.. booking in next couple weeks for DJetro, inj, turbo and maybee poncams.. what do yous think
  4. C

    FS: HKS GT-RS Turbo kit - Brand new

    In the UK now and ready to be collected.. (postage is an option) looking for - 950.00 GBP GT-RS specs.. Output - 400ps Compressor Wheel - Trim 52 / Inducer 51.2mm / Major 71.1mm Compressor Housing - Inlet 60mm / Outlet 50mm / AR .60 Turbine Wheel - Trim 76 / Major 53.8mm / Exducer 47mm...
  5. raytsang

    HKS GT-RS turbo max boost

    Hi guys have recently installed a GT-RS turbo similar to the gt2871r. was just wondering what the max boost these turbos can produce..? as i've been messing with the boost controller and adjustable actuator and got it running steady on 1 bar. feels really good and solid want to see how it...
  6. raytsang

    cam shaft selection

    right guys possibly going for cams soon any information on choosing cams will be great basicly want the car for fast road odd track day drift im gonna be running a gt-rs turbo. so im trying to choose the duration and lift for both ex and in, and want to keep nvcs (vvt).