1. iosifnur

    FS: Geniune C-WEST GT-TYPE wide body kit

    Hi guys, i am planning to sell my c-west wide body kit, i bought it last year but i realized that i have to do a lot of body work and my car is in perfect condition, so it is pitty for me... The bodykit never used , even opened, the parts are unpainted.... Does anyone knows the price of the...
  2. C

    FS: Genuine S15 CWEST Widebody, Melbourne

    Fellas, i got a Genuine c-west widebody kit for sale here. Was from the Genesis racing vehicle. I once had plans to fit it but never got round to it. Comes complete with FRONT BUMPER GT-TYPE SIDE SKIRT GT-TYPE X 2 REAR FENDER GT-TYPE X 2 FRONT FENDER GT-TYPE X 2 C-WEST CARBON FIBRE CANARDS X 2...